CCTV beauty host Dong Qing’s skin care classics


CCTV beauty host Dong Qing’s skin care classics

Core tip: Knowing that Dong Qing is busy with her work, her parents even think about calling for a long time before they call her, either because she is recording, or because she is just resting after finishing the program. Dong Qing said that she was particularly uncomfortable with this.

Dong Qing, who is busy at work, is really working on skin care. Emotion has always attached great importance to diet. Dong Qing, who is born with white and clear skin, admits that he will never ignore the importance of acquired skin care.Maintenance is the only result now.

I didn’t understand the importance of sun protection at the beginning, as a result, excess freckles were left on the skin, and the eyes were blocked on fair skin.

And my skin is very sensitive, so I must be very careful when choosing a whitening product.

“She said,” When I was young, I thought that freckles were cute and unprotected. I finally became a family of freckles as I wished, causing sunburn on my skin and I couldn’t even put on makeup.

My skin was dry and old at the time, not like the skin of a girl.

After suffering a big loss, Dong Qing learned well, and sooner or later, he will do three steps of skin care: cleansing, tightening, and moisturizing.

  Eating light and diligent in maintenance, in addition to nursing, skin care and diet are also related to lifestyle habits.

She eats less meat, drinks more water, and has more second-hand smoke and ultraviolet light.

In addition, she has a regular schedule. Although she sleeps late, she never turns upside down day and night.

  Fresh and generous maintenance concept Dong Qing’s makeup is fresh, natural and stable.

She is never lazy, but she doesn’t agree to go too far on both ends.

Her morning and evening skincare routines only take 5 to 10 minutes.

The most important thing at night is to use eye and face masks once or twice a week.

  Step 1. Gentle facial cleansing: wash away the sleepiness and retain the moisture. The facial cleanser required during the day is different from that used at night.

After sleeping for one night, although a little greasy and the dullness after keratin metabolism at night, there is no sticky external dust and the face is basically clean.

In addition, the body continues to evaporate water at night, and the skin in the morning is actually in a thirsty state, washed too clean, and taken away with the remaining water, severely tight and dry, but not awake, refreshing.

Choose a facial cleanser with medium foaming power and mild washing power.

  Step 2. Abandon the lotion, and the light emulsion is the basic skill.

Just change the general face washing, cleansing, moisturizing, and high-performance care products with high c / p value to double the efficiency of maintenance.

When you have a leisurely weekend, take the opportunity to apply a mask, exfoliate and fill your muscles!

  step3, high coefficient of refreshing sunscreen, five minutes to get a good diabetes What is bb cream?

It spreads well, the concealing effect is natural, and it also has a maintenance effect, sun protection effect, just rub it before going out, and you will have a good skin tone like nude makeup.

However, the sun protection factor of some bb creams is not high, which is really distressing. At this time, you can use “high coefficient refreshing sun protection”. You can mix it in your hands first to get beautiful skin and high factor sun protection at once.