Buyang Huanwu Decoction Yiqi Huoxue for gastritis

Buyang Huanwu Decoction Yiqi Huoxue for gastritis

[Introduction]Buyang Huanwu Decoction is from “Medical Forest Correction”, which is composed of Astragalus, Guiwei, Dilong, Chuanxiong, Taoren, Safflower and Radix Scutellariae. It has the effect of nourishing qi, promoting blood circulation, expectorant, and treating the sequelae of stroke.Skewed eyes, numb limbs, etc.

Taking its meaning of nourishing qi and activating blood, it is used clinically for atrophic gastritis with satisfactory results.

  Atrophic gastritis is a localized epigastric pain in traditional Chinese medicine, with complex syndromes and complications.

A middle-aged male patient had epigastric pain recurring for more than 8 years. The pain was acupuncture-like, especially after eating, and the pain was painful.

Gastroscopy and pathological diagnosis were chronic atrophic gastritis with mild intestinal metaplasia.

The tongue is dark red with small spots, thin moss and shaojin, and the pulse is heavy.

The syndrome is a disorder of qi and blood, deficiency of qi and yin, deficiency of qi and blood stasis, obstruction of the stomach collaterals, and loss of stomach support.

Treating qi and nourishing qi, activating blood and clearing collaterals, nourishing yin and stomach, and nourishing yang and five decoctions tailors: astragalus 50 g, prince ginseng 15 g, guiwei, peach kernel, red peony, paeonia lactiflora, Zeelan, barley, turmeric, 10 grams each of hawthorn, 1 dose per day.

When taking 10 doses, the pain is greatly reduced, the appetite is increased, and the second is self-adjusting.

With the addition and subtraction of the treatment for half a year, the symptoms disappeared, his face became rosy, and his weight increased.

Re-examination of the gastroscope only left superficial gastritis.

Pathology showed intestinal metaplasia disappeared.

  After editing: Buyang Huanwu Decoction, which is used to treat the sequelae of stroke, is used for the treatment of atrophic gastritis. It can be regarded as “creative”, which is difficult for Western medicine to understand.

The key to why different diseases can be treated in the same way is to grasp the fundamental principle of dialectical treatment and the same points of the essence of the disease.