Onion Array is not working. Preventing diseases is not reliable.

“Onion Array” is not working. Preventing diseases is not reliable.

“Onion array” is not working. Preventing diseases is not reliable. Mrs. Xu recently laid the “onion array” at home, and no matter which room she entered, she could see two onions.
The reason is that online and WeChat are madly saying “put an onion in the room”, because onions can absorb the bacteria in the air, can “prevent colds”, “can also prevent H7N9.”
But for the past two days, Mrs. Xu and her children have caught a cold. She hopes that experts can give a scientific statement.
Is the onion really “realistic”? Yesterday, Duan Jianmin, an expert from the Wuhan Food and Drug Administration, replied that this statement is not reliable.
He said that a cold is a common upper respiratory disease, regardless of age or gender.
The common cold is usually caused by rhinovirus, coronavirus, etc., people with normal immunity, if there is no complication, after symptomatic treatment, it can be cured in a week or so.
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But the cold is not the same, the virus that causes the cold is always mutating, so that the body can not recognize, can not be immune.
The influenza A virus that causes H7N9 avian influenza is known for its rapid mutation and variety.
The main components of onion are sulfur compounds, flavonoid compounds, phenylpropanoid phenolic compounds, steroidal saponins, nitrogen-containing compounds, prostaglandins, and trace elements such as calcium, iron and phosphorus.
These ingredients have different pharmacological effects. The sulfur-containing compounds have antibacterial and anti-cancer effects. Nitrogen-containing compounds have the effects of lowering blood sugar and lowering blood fat, and flavonoid compounds have antioxidant effects.
Experts say that these effects “look beautiful”, but if you really want to achieve disease prevention, there is a premise that the active ingredients must be absorbed by the body and reach a certain dose. Therefore, the onions are placed at home, except for the smell.In addition, it does not play a role in disease prevention.