[Can you eat red dates for colds]_Red dates_Effects_Efficacy

[Can you eat red dates for colds]_Red dates_Effects_Efficacy

A cold is a common physical illness. Some foods are inedible when you have a cold, otherwise it will worsen the cold.

Whether red dates can be eaten depends on why the patient’s cold is hot or cold, and cold colds can be consumed by red dates.

Can I eat red dates for a cold?

It is not possible to generalize whether jujubes are appropriate for cold patients.

Colds in Chinese medicine are generally divided into wind cold, wind heat, heat and dampness, colds such as physical weakness.

If it belongs to a cold and cold, fear of cold, less sweat, cough, runny nose, stuffy nose, and sometimes fever, or a person with cold of qi deficiency, such as the frail elderly, has less air, laziness, weakness, expectoration, or symptoms of spontaneous sweating,Jujube can be eaten with pale tongue and white fur.

And wind and cold, fever, sweating, sore throat, white thick tongue coating, etc .; or cold, fever, chills, fever, low heat, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea, or severe headache, no sweat, or limb burnout,It is not suitable to eat jujube.

Because jujube is not easy to dissipate relative to the evil of wind and heat or the dampness of the first wet, colds are not easy to heal.

In addition, patients with early cold should not eat red dates.

In the early stages of a cold, the evil of wind or heat invading the human body is flourishing. If you eat jujube at this time, its sticky nature will often lead to the retention of evil qi, resulting in the consequences of “keep behind the door” and make it difficult to eliminate the disease in the bodyNot conducive to recovery.

In fact, it is wise to eat boiled jujube, because it will not change the effect of tonic, but also avoid diarrhea caused by eating raw.