[How to stew lemon with sugar candies]_ stewed lemon with sugar candies _ how to do _ how to do

[How to stew lemon with sugar candies]_ stewed lemon with sugar candies _ how to do _ how to do

Lemon is a citrus fruit. Because it contains essential oil, bitterin, pectin, etc., it is very helpful to the human body.

In recent years, lemon has been very popular in China, especially when it is welcomed by some people who are pursuing health. So what is the practice of stewing lemon with rock candy?

First of all, stewed lemon with rock sugar is best to choose some fresh yellow lemons that are naturally ripe on the tree.Yellow lemon for a long time).

The bitterness in yellow lemon is relatively less astringent than that of green lemon, and the vitamin in yellow lemon is relatively more than that of green lemon.

Yellow lemon is mainly used to maximize the beauty and beauty effect, while green lemon is more effective in clearing blood lipids and lowering blood pressure.

So it ‘s important to choose lemons.

Specific production methods: 1. First, select fresh yellow lemons and wash them with water (when cleaning, it is best to scrub the lemon skin with flour or snoring powder in the kitchen to clean the dust from the skin).

Regardless of whether it is green lemon or yellow lemon, the real beneficial ingredients are in the peel, so eating even the skin is the most scientific way of eating.

2. Cut off the head and tail of the yellow lemon, and then slowly cut into thin slices one by one.

3. Put it into a cleaned stew pot and press 1: 1.

8-2 ratio into the old rock sugar.

It’s a pound of yellow lemon.

8 pounds or 2 pounds of rock sugar.

Add as you like.

The so-called old rock sugar is the kind of yellow rock sugar. Because this rock sugar is not bleached with sulfur dioxide, it is relatively healthier than the white rock sugar we often eat.healthier.

4. After putting into the stew pot, cover the shells, put them into a large pot, and simmer for 8 to 10 hours.

Remember, we need to stew it over water, just like the way we usually stew chicken stew supplements at home.

The rock sugar lemon stewed in this way will not get angry, and it will really have the effect of resolving phlegm and cough.

This method is the easiest where you can burn honeycomb. Generally, put a new briquette in the coal stove at night, cover it under the bottom, leave a little space, and slowly cook until the next morning, it becomes a good stew.If you do n’t have any taste, you do n’t have to watch the fire at night.

If it’s in the city, it can be a bit of a hassle and you can only stew it with an electric cooker.