Smiling always leads to depression

Smiling always leads to depression

A few days ago, a psychology researcher at Osaka University in Japan released a study that showed that smiling always causes depression.

The study was approved by former Kagawa University professor and clinical psychologist Kenji Iwazuki.

During the interview, Mr. Yan Yueqian told the Life Times reporter that this coincides with the research on the “smile syndrome” they are engaged in.

  ”In a way, in Japan, where etiquette is extreme, smile is a compulsory course for almost everyone, especially in the service and sales industry.

“Iwuki Kenji gave reporters a typical example encountered during research.

The 25-year-old sister-in-law is a shopping guide for a large supermarket. Every day from the moment she goes to work, it is like wearing a “smile mask”.

My son refused to Iwatsu Kenji: “I have to laugh like this all the time, but I also quarrel with my boyfriend, but it can’t be expressed in length anyway.

“She said, smiling so stiffly, but she was” stiff “.

  ”Xunzi’s stupidity is actually depression caused by keeping a smile for a long time. Our investigation found that as a result of this depression in Japan, even the number of depression patients has reached one million.

“Yiyue Qian said that the reason why excessive smiles cause depression is mainly because joy, anger, sorrow, and fear are the basic emotions of a person and should be released naturally.

“If a person has just had an argument with his wife, he will laugh at the customer when he sees the customer, which is equivalent to suppressing the normal physiological response.

Iwazuki explained humbly that psychological conditions and part of facial expressions will increase the psychological burden. Over time, long-term depression and bad emotions will accumulate, and one day will lead to psychological collapse.

“Even if something goes wrong, the stylized smile also hints at killing normal physiological phenomena.

“Iwanuki Kenji said.

  Mr. Iwazuki said that experts from many countries were conducting similar studies at the same time.

Mr. Iwazuki added that the German Federal University psychologist Zapf’s test of students showed that when you do n’t want to laugh and you have to smile, it leads to increased stress, slenderness affects normal heart rate, andReduces the function of the immune system, causing people to develop depression and subsequent diseases.

  ”However, there is always a need to smile in life.

“Iwuki Kenji suggested that people should laugh moderately.

“When talking to others, smile first. If you feel that your skin and muscles are tired, gradually smile away, but keep a friendly tone and attitude, which will also make the other party aware of your kindness.

“Iwanuki Kenji said, don’t spend more than a minute on each smile.

And if you’re in a good mood, then please show your smiles and express your emotions naturally, and laugh a little longer.