[How to tell if honey is real?

Teach you 5 tips]_How to tell_How to tell

[How to tell if honey is real?
Teach you 5 tips]_How to tell_How to tell

With the strengthening of people’s health consciousness, more and more people are demanding the high nutritional value of honey.

But driven by some traitors seeking high profits, honey counterfeiting is also common.

Many people can’t tell whether the honey they bought is pure or substitutes for fake honey.

If you want to buy authentic honey, then you may follow the Xiaobian to learn the following five methods, so that you can buy genuine honey!

Common ways to distinguish between real and fake honey: 1. Smell the taste. Real soil honey or real honey is definitely floral. Even if it is very light, there is absolutely no sour, industrial, fishy, etc .;To identify a certain kind of flower fragrance, you can use the contrast method, smell two bottles of honey, one bottle of real honey, one bottle of processed honey or fake honey, and a comparison can have a very obvious effect.

2. Look at the air bubbles. If the honey is not processed and shakes vigorously, air bubbles are generated. There are air bubbles between the upper layer and the honey. It is more uniform and will last.There will be a small amount of bubbles or no bubbles, and it is best to have uniform bubbles in the honey.

3, look at the color, the real honey will not be so pure, it will not look so translucent.

The fake honey is bright in color, very transparent, and generally pale yellow or dark yellow.

4, look at the viscosity, you must pay attention to this point, do not believe that the thicker honey + can be drawn honey is good honey, NO, this is not the case, honey has Baume degree, some businesses in order to deliberately improve BaumeDegree, intentionally processed dehydration and concentration, less water, natural concentration will go up, drawing is very simple, really honey is semi-viscous, especially in summer, it is a bit thin, this is normal, normalThis kind of raw honey needs to be kept in the refrigerator fresh-keeping room in summer.

5, taste, the tongue is a more sensitive part of the human body, you can use the tongue to verify the authenticity of honey.

Real honey has a relatively strong honey flavor, and is relatively pure. The sugar is also moderate, and it is not too sweet. It has a slightly sour taste and a slight tingling sensation in the aftertaste.

The fake honey has more sugar, and the honey taste is lighter. It tastes sweet but not honey.