Recommend 5 health porridges to clear the heat and delicious

Recommend 5 health porridges to clear the heat and delicious

Mint green bean soup: 20g of coix seed, 50g of mung bean is washed, and cooked directly after cooking in rice cooker. You can also add the cooked soup to a common pot and 5g of mint, and mix the right amount of rock sugar for a few minutes, then eat.

This soup quenches thirst, relieves dampness and detoxification, and has a better auxiliary effect on the treatment of acne, contagious soft palate, urticaria and scorpion.

Rose loofah soup: 3 roses, white chrysanthemum 10g, loofah, lean pork, seasonings.

Loofah, after the pork is shredded, put the water in the pot and boil it, then add the roses wrapped in gauze, white chrysanthemum, seasoning, and serve until the meat is cooked.

The soup detoxifies and has a certain preventive effect on skin acne and facial plaque.

Bitter melon chrysanthemum porridge: bitter gourd, chrysanthemum, previous rice, crystal sugar, the bitter gourd washed to simmer, cut into small pieces for use; already washed, chrysanthemum rinse, will be in the same pot, pour the right amount of water, set the fireAfter boiling, add bitter gourd and rock sugar to the pot, and use a small fire to continue cooking until the rice is flowered.

This porridge heats up, detoxifies, and stops diarrhea. It is a single good porridge in summer.

Lotus leaf porridge: first wash the fresh lotus leaf with 1 piece of decoction, then mix it with the previous rice 100g, white sugar, and cook it.

This porridge has a slightly bitter taste and is not good for appetite. It has poor heatstroke resistance and heat resistance. It is easy to be upset and thirsty. It has better improvement effect. High blood pressure, especially in the initial patients, can also receive good blood pressure when eating this porridge.Voltage regulation effect.

Watermelon skin porridge: After eating the watermelon, first scrape the inner sputum and the outer layer of green skin, rinse it and then cut it into small pieces; then, the watermelon diced pieces, the washed rice 100g, the right amount of water is added to the pot.After boiling with a strong fire, adjust to a simmer for a few minutes, then serve directly or with cold salad.

This porridge is suitable for people with mild heatstroke and high blood sugar.