TCM experts teach you ten points of life care


TCM experts teach you ten points of life care

The theory of “treating the disease” originates from “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”, which means treating “unoccurred” diseases, that is, the meaning of prevention, health, and health.

In fact, in ancient times, people used various methods for preventive health care, and acupoint massage because of its simple operation, safe and effective, and enduring.

  Let’s first look at what kind of constitution you have. You need to dialectically treat the disease, as well as health care.

Physical fitness is closely related to sub-health. Intervention, adjustment, and optimization of biased physique can prevent sub-health, improve sub-health, and prevent sub-health from progressing to disease.

At the same time, the occurrence of various chronic diseases is closely related to the physique. The functions of senile organs and the degradation of qi, blood, and essence have their own physical characteristics. For the prevention and treatment of senile diseases, physique is an important basis.

  People’s physical fitness is divided into nine categories: peace, qi deficiency, yang deficiency, yin deficiency, blood stasis, phlegm and dampness, damp heat, qi depression, and idiosyncrasy.

Among them, the balance is normal, and the other eight are biased, and can be adjusted according to the corresponding acupoints.

  Top 10 health care points look at the picture to find the location Hegu: When self-massaging, the thumb of the other hand should be pressed in the direction of the little finger, which can better play the role of health care.

Heguyi can remove wind and cold, and is effective for colds and fevers, various headaches, rhinitis, toothaches, skewed eyes and eyes, and lethargy.

Two can replenish qi, treat qi deficiency and weakness.

Cooperating with Zusanli can nourish mid-air and prevent stomach sagging; cooperating with Guan Yuan can provide first aid.

Pregnant women starch Hegu acupoint, has a oxytocin effect.

  Neiguan: It mainly adjusts the cardiac symptoms, can improve the blood supply to the heart, and treat heart diseases such as palpitation, chest pain, chest tightness, etc .; cooperate with Zusanli to treat stomach pain, hiccups, vomiting, snoring; cooperate with Shenmen to calm and soothe the nerves, treat insomnia,Irritability and other diseases.

Frequent rubbing of Neiguan is effective for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, gastrointestinal dysfunction, and neurasthenia.

  Shoulder Well: Pressing the Shoulder Well can cure shoulder aches, head aches, light heads and feet, eyestrain, tinnitus, high blood pressure, falling pillows, etc.

You can rub this point with your middle finger, and you can pinch your shoulder muscles with your thumbs and four fingers together.

  Qihai and Guanyuan: Qihai and Guanyuan are the vital points of the human body, which are strong points for health care.

The upper, middle and lower three Dantians are the Qihai and Guanyuan points; massaging Qihai can replenish vitality, enhance physical fitness, and prolong life.

And for the gastrointestinal, urogenital, gynecological and other system correction is effective.

Moxibustion is more commonly used in these two points.

  Daheng: Daheng acupoint is located in the middle of the abdomen of the human body, 4 inches from the umbilicus.

Massaging the horizontal can transport the spleen and water.

The spleen and dampness can help digestion and promote the absorption of nutrients and water transport in the body.

This acupoint massage method is to use pressure, that is, use the thumb to extend the acupuncture point, and then repeat it after 5 seconds.

  Mingmen and Shenshu: Mingmen is the body’s Hou Dantian.

The portal for the vitality to haunt the veins.

Massage Mingmen and Shenshu can strengthen the waist, strengthen the kidneys, relax the muscles, and strengthen the kidneys, and prolong life.

It can rub the palms of the hands against the waist, press the waist and eyes tightly, and rub them up and down. It can warm the kidneys and impotence, enhance sexual function, treat impotence and premature ejaculation, irregular menstruation, and bring down various diseases., Lumbar muscle strain.

  Yongquan: Yongquan is a big point of human longevity.

Regular massage can make the kidney fine, ears and eyes clear, full of energy, waist and knees not soft, and strong sexual function.

It is effective for neurasthenia, insomnia and more dreams, indigestion, stomach pain, bloating, irregular menstruation and waist and leg pain.

It often wakes up by Yongquan or Kaiqiao. It has adjunctive effects on dementia caused by cerebrovascular disease, silent stroke, paralysis of limbs.

  Zusanli: Zusanli has a strong qi-enriching effect and is an important point of human health.

Can clear the meridians, treat lower limb numbness, pain, edema, etc., can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, treat stomach pain, bloating, bowel sounds, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases. Frequent rubbing of Zusanli can replenish the spleen and stomach, enhance disease resistance, prolong life, and moxibustionZusanli can enhance immune function, have a health effect on the stomach, cardiovascular system, etc., can also prevent stroke, and promote limb recovery.

Massage Zusanli is best stimulated with horns or massage equipment.