Morning and evening activities to make women more beautiful

Morning and evening activities to make women more beautiful

In the morning, you just woke up and your body is not completely asleep. This set of movements will help you gradually enter a state of mental recovery. Tonight, after a day of intense work, you do n’t have enough energy to invest in active exercise.In order to get rid of fatigue, adjust your mind, and inspire you, this set of static gymnastics can help you.

  The complete 6-section movement does not require your body to be particularly soft, because one of its purposes is to better develop your softness and teach you to maintain stability (including psychological stability) to develop beautiful postures and elegant stepsstate.
If I can’t adapt to intense movements and monotonous repetitions, then this set of moves is especially suitable for you, helping you to be quiet, calm and self-contemplative.

  This set of actions can be done daily or 3 times a week, and the tandem actions can be divided into several times.

However, every time you start, you have to start from the first quarter.

The first section is the most important preparation. The other sections exercise different parts of the body and allow the internal organs to move.

  Well, take a hot bath, put on loose sportswear, and start doing exercises. Each session is slow and steady, and is divided into 5 deep breathing procedures: the first deep breathing poses in preparation, and the second 2-4 deep breathing finishesThe fifth deep breath returns to the ready state, and the following action of brewing occurs.


“Heat” muscles and build up energy.

  Preparation: In advance, the toes are slightly separated, and the heels are extended.

If you are physically fit, your feet can be shoulder-width.

  Feet, pay attention to the stability of the body, lift your hands from top to bottom, palms facing each other, buttocks tight, raise your chin slightly.

Do it again when you are ready.


Good for lung and bowel function, strengthen abdominal and hip muscles.

  Preparation: Stand up with your feet together and your shoulders up.

  Put your hands behind your back, hold your thumbs firmly (the left hand is on top), extend your forefinger down, center of gravity on the pedals, bend the alignment force, tighten the abdominal muscles, and lean forward slowly, the lower the better, we must feelYes you can.
With both hands extended, let your fingers point to the ceiling, return to the ready state, and change the position of the hand before doing it.


Improve pelvic blood circulation, promote gastrointestinal function, develop back, shoulder and calf muscles.

  Prepare: Put your feet together, keep your feet and back straight, raise your hands above your head, and your palms inward.

The abdominal muscles are tight. As long as you don’t feel your leg tendon stings, try to lean forward slowly, holding your thighs with your hands from behind, and your calf if possible.

Hold your left hand on your right, with your forehead facing the alignment (or thigh).

Back to the ready state, change the position of the hand and do it again.

Strengthens the cardiovascular system, spine, back and gluteal muscles.

  Preparation: Sit on the ground, with your feet crossed, your left foot above your right foot, your back straight, your hands also crossed, and your left hand above your right hand, with your knees raised up just to be held by your back.

  The abdominal muscles are tight, and lean forward slowly until the head hits the ground, and the tip is flat.

Back to the ready state, change the position of hands and feet before doing it.


It has a good effect on the function of the liver and gallbladder, and also relaxes the recovered muscles.

  Preparation: Get on all fours.

Focus on the bent right foot, with the left foot straight back.

  Put your hands on the front and back fractures to support the ground, bend your back, slowly turn your head to your right shoulder and look back, paying attention to the loose back muscles.

Go back to the ready state and change direction.


Strengthen abdominal and back muscles.

  Preparation: Sit facing the wall, bend, bend your feet to the ground, bend your arms across, and support the ground from behind.
  Lift your weight against your shin, straighten your hands, lift your feet straight up, keep your feet straight, and keep your eyes on your toes, trying to get your body close to your thighs.
Chin close to legislation.

Do it again when you are ready.