No stimulation skin care cherish youthful beauty

No stimulation skin care cherish youthful beauty

People say that seven years of reincarnation, the same is true for skin. After 20 years of age, MM is experiencing a major change in skin!

The skin at this stage is very sensitive to external stimuli, and if it is insufficient, it will cause its resistance-acne, acne, blackheads, and enlarged pores.

Your skin in your 20s is like a naughty child, and always needs your gentle care.

If you are still using products that are irritating to the skin, throw them away and see if we have a gentle choice for you.

  Carefully choose skin care products and look at the ingredients of the product. Generally, when choosing skin care products, MM only looks at the product’s efficacy and price, even its reputation.

As everyone knows, you can buy a lot of products that are not suitable for you and suffer from skin diseases.

Now, please let the product ingredients marked on the box also become an indicator of your purchase!

Develop a habit of looking at product ingredients and replace mild products with low irritation.

Let’s look at the ingredients that are irritating to the skin.


Mineral oils.

Used as a stabilizer in skin care products, posing as vegetable oil, olive oil or high grade lanolin.

This kind of oil is easy to grow pores on both ends and grows like pimples. It is also the culprit of blackheads.



The fragrance is derived or synthesized from more than 600 kinds of raw materials and artificial chemicals.

Experiments on animals with fragrances have shown that it can penetrate the body and not only stain the animal’s internal organs blue, but also damage the animal’s brain and spinal cord.



Hormones are used in skin care products to temporarily remove wrinkles, make the skin plump, moisturized, elastic and shiny, and are widely used as “special effects”.

But hormone is a kind of chemical component that is easy to be oxidized. People who use hormone products often get darker and darker with sun in summer, and it is difficult to take off.

Hormonal skin care products are often used. The skin is irritated for a long time, and the skin and skin immune function is increased, which causes the skin’s autoimmune function to decline, and it is difficult to induce sensitive and allergic skin.


Alcohol has an irritating effect on the skin. Long-term use can cause rough skin.

  Three steps of gentle skin care Most skin care products now have the slogan of no alcohol, no fragrance, no irritation. If MM can’t distinguish the harmful substances from the ingredient list or don’t know the ingredients indicated, then follow Xiaobian, XiaobianHelp you choose three mild non-irritating lotions, lotions and creams.

  The first choice of mild lotion-Clinique Gentle Cleansing Water No. 2 Specifications: 200ml Reference Price: ¥ 180.

0Introduction: While effectively and gently cleaning the cortex, keep the skin water and oil balance, so that the skin is not dry.

At the same time improve skin brightness, smoothness and softness, so that subsequent moisturizers are better absorbed, and all skin problems are improved.

Suitable for Clinique second skin type.

  Recommended reason: Clinique’s moisturizing lotion, many MMs reflect taste irritation, and it seems to stimulate the skin quite a bit.

But this mild cleanser specially developed by Clinique can gently remove horny skin and clean the skin. MMs can use it with confidence!

  Natural emulsion is the first choice-CHARMZONE 婵 true Ginkgo natural emulsion product specifications: 130ml reference price: 198.

0Introduction: Rich ginkgo biloba extracts make skin healthy and refreshing; botanical moisturizing granule root root bark extracts relieve skin dryness and moisturize the skin; peony skin, mulberry skin extract and other plant-based nutrientsMakes skin transparent and elastic.

  Recommended reason: Ginkgo is a skincare sacred product, which has a strong ability to protect and repair the skin.

Ginkgo series of real skin care products are mainly targeted at the skin that is prone to long-term external harmful irritation and stress, which completely meets our needs. What are you waiting for?

  First choice for soothing cream-Vizi Hot Spring Mineral Moisturizing Cream Product Specifications: 50ml Reference Price: ¥ 178.

0 Product introduction: Natural spring water contains mineral hydrating factors, and the thickness of the paste is light.

Not sticky and should be absorbed.It also has the functions of calming, soothing and strengthening the skin. In addition to replenishing the skin with sufficient moisture, the mineral factors can also lock the moisture, leaving the skin long-lasting, smooth and shiny.

  Recommended reason: This is a cream that Xiaobian has stored in the warehouse, which is very gentle and moisturizing.

While protecting the skin, it also has a repairing effect. After reorganization, it has the effect of improving skin texture. It is strongly recommended!