7 types of bruise medicine treatments

7 types of bruise medicine treatments

Bruises are twisted and contusions, which are more common clinical injuries.

(1) Sprain refers to indirect violence that excessively twists and stretches the fascia, muscles, and ligaments around the limbs and joints, causing injury or tearing.

Occurs in joints and tissues around the joints.

(2) Bruise refers to direct violent blow or impact on a part of the limb, causing damage to the subcutaneous tissue, muscles, tendons, etc.

Focus on direct damage.

The neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, wrists, knees, hips, waist, etc. can cause torsional contusions.

Among them, sprained lumbar contusion is the most common lumbar spinal cord injury and is more common in young adults.

Those with minor bruises hurt the skin and recover more than a short period of time, and can only be treated with usual treatment. In severe cases, injuries to the muscles and bones, contamination of the wound surface, or excessive bleeding can cause blood deficiency and Qi failure, and even damage internal organs.Life is dying and the duration of the disease is enlarged, you need to increase treatment support.

The following medicines can be used for sedimentation therapy: Earthworms: 7 dried earthworms, soaked in 30ml of white wine for 1 day and night to remove soilworm residues.

Serve the wine in 3 servings, 3 times a day.

  Function breaks stagnation and stasis, heals pain and hurts.

Indications for sprained lumbar sprain (Note: pregnant women should not take it).

  Rhubarb earthworm wine: a rhubarb like a chicken, 30 grams of earthworm corn, 100 ml of wine, boil 3 to boil.

Take as much as you want.

Indications for chronic diseases are not to go outside the bone joints and costal threats.

  Goat blood Sanqi end formula: 50 grams of goat blood, Tian Sanqi 10 grams total research.


3 grams / time, rice wine in appropriate amount, 2 times / day.

  Function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, swelling and pain relief.

Indications of trauma, bruise, swelling and pain.

  Rose Fish Roasted Fish Belly: Put 600g of water fish maw in the pot, boil and simmer for 1 hour, remove the diced pieces, simmer slightly with boiling water, and remove too cold.

Put fish maw into fresh soup in another pot.

Stir in 5 liters for 20 minutes to remove odor.

Heat the wok, add sesame oil, add the seasonings, and add the fresh soup. After the soup is boiled, squeeze the onion, ginger, and fish belly and squeeze the original soup. Place in the pot and simmer for 30 minutes to season.

Fish belly croaked, tearing a rose flower on the belly.

Put the other 2 rose flowers in the plate, put the fish belly in a pot, drizzle the chicken oil and cover the flowers.

Cook and serve.

Indication of bruises.

  Rose Campsis porridge: 5 grams each of rose flowers and safflowers are put into a cup with 100 ml of rice wine, placed in a steamer with water, and heated and steamed for 20 minutes.

Drink 30g / time, 1 time / day.

Indication of bruises.

  Achyranthes braised pork: 100 grams of native Achyranthes bidentata (Inner grass), fry with water for 30 minutes, filter and extract 500 ml of juice.

Stew 200 grams of lean pork and filter sauce until the meat is cooked. Add 50 grams of rock sugar and cook until dissolved.

With meals.

The function is to nourish the kidney and strengthen the waist.

Indications of bruises and lumbar muscle strain.

  Four-flower tea: rose, rose, campsis, and osmanthus 1 gram each with brown sugar into the thermos cup, add boiling water to brew, cover the tea cup tightly for 5 minutes.

Substitute tea. Indication of bruises.